How to reverse, stop, or inhibit the aging process

Aging appears to be triggered by a lack of protein. There is a steadily decreased absorption of protein nutrition, over time.

We need protein to replace or repair cells. We need protein to manufacture hormones. We need protein to make the peptides controlling bodily processes, such as, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Lack of peptides (likely caused by not having enough protein to manufacture functional peptides) is central in known diseases of aging, such as, hypertension and diabetes.

Decline in Hormone production is shown to be gradual. This suggests genetic damage may not be involved. Instead, a gradually decreasing supply of amino acids necessary for hormone production may be the cause.

A genetic basis of aging may be RNA rather than the DNA based. After all, RNA needs amino acids in the right order and at the right time to successfully make any protein.

Aging seems to be a type of...starvation in slow motion. A key difference is in aging, people may continue to store fat...

Both aging and starving are from a lack of nutrients. The latter subset of aging suggests protein is not as well absorbed as fat and carbs.

What might be eating-up our protein groceries? This answered ...aging could be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

The answer is simple. As we age, our gut becomes home to more and more commensal bacteria. A pound of bacteria contains a trillion individuals. These get first dibs on all ingested foodstuffs.

Bacteria can grow exponentially. The answer to aging involves both internal and external limitations on explosive bacterial growth. In nature, this exponential growth is only halted by the bacteria running out of available protein.

The body has a system in place to reduce explosive bacterial growth. This causes the steady structural decline of age. (You wrinkle and shrink.) A system is currently being patented as a "work around" preventing this shrinkage and debility.

The takeaway

Large "meat heavy" meals, hurriedly eaten, may greatly increase rates of aging. Eat moderately (smaller and more meatless meals) until the new supplements (noted above) are on the market. Get enough sleep! The body repairs and replaces cells while you are asleep. Move more! Exercise is beneficial (in moderation). If you drink, do so ...with the evening meal. Alcohol with meals is associated with increased lifespan. Good luck!

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Does 100 push ups and jogging two miles everyday help lose weight?

Yes, your burning calories and burnt calories is always helpful. However, many people work out and think it gives them a reason to eat more, No. Also those push ups, good chance you are gonna injure yourself, use caution there. Push-up is not a cardio exercise. When it comes to weight lifting more isn't always better, think of bending