How to safely visit Ukraine with the current crisis with Russia

Kyiv is just as safe, as any other big city. It's not absolutely safe, but none of the dangers are related to russian invasion to Crimea or Eastern Ukraine.
  1. Avoid walking around "bedroom community" in the evenings, there's nothing to see there anyway. Places like Troeschina or Borschagovka.
  2. If you see people drinking alcohol in the streets - just don't come near them, but that's not likely, if you follow advice № 1.
  3. Get warm clothes, it's pretty cold now in Kyiv.
  4. When crossing the streets, look carefully - some drivers just don't care for their or other people's lives, and traffic is pretty heavy sometimes.
  5. Don't be a separatist. :)
That's it, other than that Kyiv is awesome!
I live in Kyiv, visited Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa this summer, so I may say that any of these places are no more dangerous to visit than before the crisis.

I believe Kharkiv is also reasonably safe to visit, though possibility of unrest is slightly higher there.

It's better to stay away by a hundred kilometers or so from DPR and LPR areas of influence, e.g. Mariupol.

Travelling into Donetsk or Luhansk in current situation is very dangerous (especially if you are a foreigner, they don't like westerners) - nobody can guarantee you any kind of safety; but this situation is strongly limited to areas controlled by separatists and areas possibly threatened by them.

There's also a small probability of Russian invasion to Kherson oblast and areas near Crimea.
Lets be absolutely, 100% clear about this .. Nowhere WILL be safe in Ukraine .. This so called "frozen war" is simply "war by numbers".

I can understand purely academically, how after Crimea, etc, was made part of Ukraine (Makes sense Geographically,  as its in the southern half of the country for goodness sake !!! ), that there may be some slight claims as to why it should once more be part of Russia.

However, was it not given to Ukraine by a former Russian President. In which case Crimea, Donetsk, Mariapol, Luhansk, etc, all belong within Ukraine. This means that any people there who want to be part of Russia should go and live in Russia, wheras the land, industries and resources in this region are part of and belong to Ukraine.

Take a look at this astonishing statement and judge for yourself !!!

Illarionov refers to an article that the Ruskyi Zhurnal (Russian Journal) published in 2008, which detailed a plan for how to attack and occupy Crimea, then eastern Ukraine, central Ukraine and finally reach Kiev.

"As we see, not only were they preparing, they were publishing it," he says.

According to Illarionov, Putin himself mentioned plans in Ukraine that same year in a NATO summit in Bucharest - he said that Ukraine was not a real nation, but a state that took over lands that historically belonged to Russia

very easily, just make sure not to come to Kyiv

you can read here on safety matters

I live in Kiev - you can visit the capital any time.

My parents live in Mariupol - which is RIGHT ON THE FRONT LINE, but controlled by Ukrainian military. And even that place is safe to visit.

As long as you are not inside the separatists zone, or as we call it - the banana republic, you are safe.
I can second Dmytro Sirenko's response word by word, adding that you can easily get by if you speak Ukrainian or Russian. Speaking English is also not a problem, as many people can maintain at least some conversation.
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