How to speak English fluently within a short period of time

There are many ways to learn speak English but now a days I believe that Learning online through android App is the best option.

Yesterday, I saw one app on Google Play store for English Speaking.I think it is one of the best app,I have seen ever. It is specially designed for professionals.Because I have personally know that when professional go for interview they are facing lots of problem regarding English Speaking,Even they are not capable for giving answer more than 1 minute ,which is one of the most simple questions " Tell me about yourself".

So now I am coming to about app. App contains 21 days material and each day has lots of material in details to learn which is sufficient for learn each type of conversation. You can download here....

English Speaking For Professional - Android Apps on Google Play

Some very simple tips:
  1. Read as much as you can, as this will improve your vocabulary.
  2. Watch English news and TV series, this will introduce you to new phrases and learn where to use them.
  3. Refer to online dictionary whenever you come across a new word, they provide you audioa which will help you to pronounce correctly.
  4. Converse in english with your friends as this will help you gain confidence and they could help you improve.

Well...speak the language.


  • Decide where you want to be fluent (colloquial English, business, maths etc.)
  • Find someone to talk to everyday (preferably someone fluent who uses correct English).
  • Try to think in English without translating in your head.
  • Get used to the rhythm of English (this should come naturally as you progress).
  • Don't hesitate to say something even if it's wrong. It'll be correct after.
  • Movies, podcasts, news... are great (vocabulary, context, expressions etc.).
  • Possibly learn the phonetic alphabet to help your pronunciation.
  • Give it time, and don't get discouraged.

Have fun!

By making your target level as low as possible (e.g. A1 or even lower).

The lower your objective, the less vocabulary and grammar you'll have to learn. You can learn a language even in days by following this technique.

It also applies to music, math, and many other fields.

Shortcuts (in language or most other learning endeavors) are usually detours disguised as less work. No one wants to hear that their surgeon took shortcuts in med school.

For a more realistic approach:

To speak fluently,first one has to have VOCABULARY BANK,means need to understand that one should have N-numbers of words,with meanings .Next one need to practice all the 4 parameters of learning like ,reading,writing,speaking,&above all listening.Change your environment pump in English environment,by reading more of English Newspaper,story books,etc,& listening to English talks in your area of interest,practice & practice your listening & speaking.Change your mindset,acquire new mind skills,Acquire the attitude of I CAN,I WILL, ...................................................DO IT " TO" DID IT.

I don't think there is any quick solution...

Taking classes are a must but in order to become fluent you will need to embrace it in your personal life wherever you can.

I recommend;

  1. Reading English books & magazines with google translate ready to use when your stuck
  2. Joining online forums, the more you chat in English the better you will become
  3. Watching English movies & T.V. Shows
  4. Hangout with friends who are fluent in English
  5. If your family can speak English, try your best not to speak in your native tongue at home
  6. If you get stuck trying to describe something, take the opportunity to use google translate. Then the next time you describe it you'll nail it!!
  7. Don't be afraid to ask people "could I have said that better?"
  8. Don't pretend to understand, people worth spending time with will be patient and won't mind explaining it

I work with a lot of technology professionals who relocate to Sydney from abroad, with English as a 2nd language but by no means are they fluent. Those I've known that improved the quickest are those who embraced the above points.

Like anything, the more you practice, the better you will be for it.

What is the best thing you've ever taught someone?

I can't really know the answer to that.I have taught and told many people, many things. I cannot know whose light bulb of knowledge went off the brightest, at the realization of a piece of truth that spoke to them and was exactly what they needed.

Had the Roman Empire never fallen, would technology be more developed than today?

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