How to spend time with old age people

it depends why you want to spend time and what your expected outcome is:-

1. If it's because you too are old and want company , then look for social organised gatherings I places like your local town hall or church , they will have drop in cafes or places/halls and you can join in activities and befrend others and them what else they do.

2. If it's because you want to help then you could go to option 1. But contact the organisers and ask you can help , start with something simple like helping put away chairs , or sweep after and spend time and earn trust to do more things.

Or contact - local charities connected to elderly people , they love more help and you should be ok .

If you have specific needs either reply to his thread or contact me direct at im the Founder of a social enterprise organisation that helps elderly people stay safe, secure and happy

Old people are an institution in themself. They have lived life and experience so many aspects of it which we might not. Their experience is one of the most valuable thing which human beings can get.

Because their body machinery may or may not be in best condition, we must understand what they need and do all what we can to ensure they do not curse their life for any reason whatsoever, and at the same time, as a human being ensure that we are the reason of their smiles.

I am old(er) and want spend more time with young people, hung around, go to places, but most avoid me like some plague.

Some seem to expect me to mother them, too, like cook, listen, clean up after, etc., as if friendship was impossible ..


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