How to start a dairy farm in India

If you want the most thick, creamy milk ever, than do it. If you were going to sell, I'd say about 10 dairy cows and possibly a bull for calving and more dairy. You will need nicely built stables and, you don't have to it you can get automatic milkers where you connect them to the nipples and it sucks the milk out, then the tube from the auto-milkers will lead to a big tank, you will let the milk sit in the tank for hours or until the water rises to the top, you will then scrape the water off the top and dump it out. Drain the milk from the tank and (I don't know how to do this) make creamy milk. You can also make butter, cheese, and ice cream! If you don't want to sell, just get like 2 or 3 cows and I wouldnt get the auto-milkers, but you can milk the cows by hand, then do the same thing. If you don't want to milk day and night, you can have calves and let them nurse at morning or night.

Dirty your hands on a dairy farm housing 20 - 40 animals as a labour for a month or so. Then come back with your question.

Modern dairy farming needs large capital investment and technical know how, which you lack. You do not have land also. I suggest you work in your engineering field for 5 years and use this time to arrange money and learn principles of dairy farming and then start this enterprise. Good wishes from a friend in Pakistan.

Dr Zahoor Aslam

Its better to have a basic knowledge in dairy, if u dnt have any idea about this, then it's better to get some idea frm various local dairy's and u also take basic traning about dairy entrepreneurship in NCRI, and dnt need too much capital Nabard gives u subsidy in bank loan

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