How to start learning design

first of all you need to decide why you need to learn graphic design.

  1. as a hobby
  2. pursue it as a career

-if you wanna do design for just playing with your images and share it on facebook and other social media stuff, you can start by learning the tools from any youtube tutorial and then do what ever you want just be following the tutorial.

-as career

at this you need patience and a lot of practice and maybe you will need a mentor that will guide you at your first steps to not waste time on shitty distracted things.

you need to learn about color theory, typography, layout and graphic design principle

this course will help you alot you can audit it for free Graphic Design | Coursera

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hope you best.

There are a lot of excellent ways to start learning design.

You can take classes online or in person at places such as General Assembly and Skillshare, or try various design tools and resources to self-teach yourself!

Read up on the latest trends and news in the design world to stay on top of the hottest happenings. Keeping ahead of the curve is key, and surprisingly easy to do.

You can also look to the best in class designs for additional inspiration. You'll be amazed how viewing other successful designs or reading interviews with industry professionals will help with your designer's block or teach you new skills.

How can I start learning design?

Design covers a wide rage of disciplines from fashion, jewelry, shoes, to electronics, aviation, architecture and nuclear power plants.

A good approach to learning on your own is to study existing designs of things that interest you; identify attributes that makes it a successful design, and try your own designs.

More details will result in better suggestions.

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