How to stop believing in God

It is God's fault. Not yours.

If God is ignoring or abandoning you like
orphan, Jesus+God are liars. He must take
responsibility to you.

The matter is : God IS BLESSING YOU OR NOT?

If not, you should change the "partner" as
soon as possible. Because God though Jesus
"revealed the truth" to us. So They must keep it
if they claimed it true. If not so, God & Jesus
have no right to deny you.

Love can be founded under the trust.
It is same with mother & father.

Read Luke 11:10-13;

"For everyone who asks receives; the one who
seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door
will be opened.

"Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish,
will give him a snake instead?

Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion?

If you then, though you are evil, know how to give
good gifts to your children, how much more will
your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to
those who ask him!"

... Jesus & his god shows the truth. It is. But they are
not behaving like this.

If your father or mother gave you really snake, how
do you think about it? Can you trust them? No. If
they are not giving the safety or broke the promise
or often ignored you, how could you put the trust
in them? Impossible.

So Jesus & his god must keep their promises.
Otherwise, we just say "they are liars".

If you are always praying to save you and they are
ignoring you so many years, you should kick them
out from your life.

I'm Gnosticism and recommend you finding other
better way.

And be careful that there are group or people who
are cursing you to prevent you from getting the
happiness or luck. There are. Even Churches are
doing this.

Dare to think

You can stop believing in god by :
  • Start thinking
  • Reasoning your religious beliefs
  • Start asking questions before getting satisfied with the given answer

Basically done with the above steps learn evolution and explore how things have reached to this point rather than the shortcut stupid answer of creationism.

Contemplate the need of a god, and think what would you do if you were the god and see how many flaws he has made and how irresponsible he had been ever since, if there was a god.

Read Richard Dawkins, He is renowned evolutionist, biologist and strong supporter of Darwinism to the point of being named the Rottweiler of Darwinism. Mainly "The selfish gene", "The god delusion" etc..

By this time you will be very well informed and educated about the difference of being a believer and a non-believer.

Thanks for a2a.

Shiv Regards.
Thanks for A2A.

IMO, you are approaching it the wrong way which makes me question your real objective -no offence meant.

Let me explain. Negatives don't define anything accurately. For example, 'not standing' doesn't define the state of a person. Similarly, 'not believing in a particular or any god' does not define your personal philosophy. Yes, you heard me right! Atheism, in itself, is not a philosophy. Often it symbolizes a rational approach towards the concept of god. But it is not mandatory to have a rational reason to be atheist.

My suggestion would be to give a deeper thought as to why you want to stop believing, weigh it against what is preventing you to stop and make a nice, personal choice. Asking others will not give you a stable, satisfactory answer.

All the best!
start by believing "God is man made"
Starting questioning all the beliefs you had earlier. You will get your answers. Use science and common reasoning and you will get your answer. Don't believe in someone's words until you have verified and that includes me.
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