How to stop feeling insecure about my boyfriends ex girlfriend of two years

Insecurity on one level largely comes if you don't know the person clearly. Insecurity is not something about the other person it's your own mind and thought that is making you suspect every move of the other person. Spend some more time, explore and know your partner more closely. Be completely in him, and breathe in him. (Don't take these words in literal sense!) If you can't do this naturally , there is one way I can. Suggest. Think about those days when your boyfriend will not be present around you, nowhere, he will not exist anymore, will you not feel, that had I spent some more time with him, I could have known him completely , I could have known him in a better way, in many other ways that I never explored. He was such a possibility, what did I miss. Now I can't do it anymore, he is not here anymore.

Being one with a person is not a simple thing, it takes lifetimes to be one with somebody to experiencially be one with them completely. So know your partner more , in the best possible way, that you think, that you feel. All this insecurity thing will vanish. The more you know something or somebody the better clarity you have, the better your clarity is , you will not suspect anything, because you are one with truth always! Hence no insecurity!

I hate being a boy. How can I stop hating myself?

Get it laser treated, waxed, shave it off, or use something like Nair. There's also rollers which pluck out hair really fast.That one I can't help you with, but excercise has been shown to increase sexual response.You might feel dumber than girls. I don't. I'm a guy. There are no studies that demonstrate that either gender is

Does Elon Musk really have an IQ of 250 like Charlie Munger said?

Probably not.As others said, it's pretty much impossible to be that smart.That said, Musk is still ridiculously smart.In Ashlee Vance's book, Musk is shown to be a person who already read books and was able to recite any information from the books he read.This proves to be useful when he founds SpaceX

Why don't I feel energetic all day even after 8 hours of sleep? How do I overcome that?

The duration of sleep needed for a person to feel rested and rejuvinated is highly variable and ranges from 5-9 hours for most people.If you feel tired despite of a nightlong sleep, you need a medical check up.A lot of physical and psychological issues can