How to stop getting angry and be more happy

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Acharya Prashant: Ambition and anger

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What is anger? Anger is this ignorance not knowing what is anger. Once you find out what is anger on your own by understanding, by observing. Maybe the anger itself vanishes. It's a very strange thing when you try to find out what is anger? You don't find anger, how to find out?

You know there is a beautiful story, a very simple story that's told to kids, but look at the intent. One day the sun decided that I will find out what is ‘darkness?' Everybody used to come to the sun and thank him that sun, "you are so great, wherever you go darkness disappears. You are the provider of light. You are this layer of ‘darkness.' And sun got fed up of receiving all these compliments. The sun said, "all my identity is being linked to the darkness that I am this layer of darkness."

Let me atleast find out that what this darkness is? So, Sun went all around the world looking for darkness. But it never found any darkness. Now, why didn't he find any darkness?

Because wherever the sun goes darkness must disappear. Similarly, wherever there is observation, anger must disappear.

Anger will have to go.

‘Anger' is nothing but the absence of observation just as the ‘darkness' is nothing but the absence of light.

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