How to study daily from 8 to 10 hours

The reason you are asking this question is because you are facing burnout, right?

Yes!! If you keep studying for a long duration, obviously you'll face burnout.

But there's a solution to it, which is the Pomodoro Technique.

So, this is a proven technique, even I use it.

What you do is, download a Pomodoro app or the best preference is, get a mechanical clock.

Set the clock for a duration of 25 min. After the 25 minutes take a break of 5 min.

Keep in mind. Use the 5 minutes for a walk or to stretch or just close your eyes and rest. Do not distract yourself by using any electronics, as it's the universal truth, that your 5min gets converted to 1 hour if you use smartphone.

So coming back to the technique. The duration of 25min is called as 1 pomodoro.

So for 1 batch you need perform 4 pomodoros, and after the fourth one, you can take a break for 1 hour. And again start the same with another batch of pomodoros.


25 minutes- study; 5 minutes- break

25 minutes- study; 5 minutes- break

25 minutes- study; 5 minutes- break

25 minutes- study; 1 hour- break

So, use the above method and you'll surely notice a difference in productivity!!

You can also alter the timings of pomodoros, like 50 minutes study and 10 minutes break.

But the most effective and recommended is 25 minutes.

Hope this helps you!!

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