How to study so to be the best in my field

This happened back in my Engineering days. I tried a new technique about learning and retaining information. I used it religiously for a couple of months. After an internal Physics exam, the marks were announced. They were pretty brutal. The lecturer started reading out the marks one by one. It was pretty embarrassing for many. When it came to mine, I ended up scoring the highest in class and the lecturer asks me to identify myself. When I stood up, there was a lot of eyeball rolling and disbelief in the air. I myself was shocked at the success of the technique.

The source: I learnt this technique from a regular article in the "Competition Success Review". I can't remember the author, but it has transformed my learning.

The technique: After every class, browse your notes for 5 minutes. (Same goes for meetings). At the end of your school/work day, review all your notes briefly. This will add/refresh your memory. Before bed, spend up to 1–2 hours refreshing/practising the learnings of the day. Keep doing this regularly, you will be surprised at how even complex topics become easier/simpler.

Long story short, the technique is in the persistence and continuous refreshing of the concepts.

What do you think about The Liberal Party in Australia, either collectively or the individual characters?

Today's Liberal Party is a populist, corrupt, short-sighted and ideologically bankrupt political party that exists solely for the purpose of taking and holding power. While there are some decent individuals, the party is dominated by people with a talent for dog-whistling and race-baiting, or who are owned entirely by political donors.

What is your favorite food? Why do you like it so much?

My favourite food is chicken. Because this only very easy to make quickly and it is very favourite food over the world I hope that. Right now I was staying with my friends as a bachelor. Before liked it , mostly I won't like this after came to friend room I liked

Is Seattle known for having great food?

Of course. I moved from Boston to Seattle in June 2015 and I can totally see the difference in the great food places in Seattle.Following are the places worth visiting:Inchin Bamboo, RedmondTandoori Hut, Downtown SeattleMadras Dosa Corner, IssaquahChilli's South Indian Cuisine, University DistrictCan-am, BellevueNaanz Kitchen + Bar, South Lake UnionNaan-N-Curry, RentonDawaat