How to survive without any real life friends

Hello , Ankit. I am sorry for the delay in answering this.
Survival in itself is a very deep word that you've chosen here, my friend. Real friends are the finely exquisite people we meet so seldom . Believe me , even after years of friendship it is hard to say who would stay there by your side in the darkest of times. Frankly, we all are mostly by ourself when it comes to the testing times, those moments when our faith takes a back seat and we believe we lack the strength to fight back.
You may often wish for the company of people around you when you cross a park radiant with bosom friends or spot a gang of mates enjoying a drink or catch them spending quality time at a cafe , when the sheer sense of loneliness bites the very insides of your soul. But more than often such appearances are deceptive. I donot mean to generalise this but quite frequently we are left to ourselves in those aching moments when we need another amiable soul to soothe our stress waves. True friends are difficult to identify among those we greet with that title. Also, between 16 to 22 we meet a lot of temporary people, beyond which we become indifferent to them. The more we socialise, the more we are trapped in our thoughts, the more we strain our limited capacities,the more we lose on our productivity. Objectively, we all stand there alone battling our days making the most out of what little we have because no matter what we possess we always crave for more.

However, this doesn't mean you mustn't fight for those whom who wish to retain in your life. Definitely, once you have reached a stage in your life when you can confidently claim that you have learnt how to comprehend people and their nature you must seek to keep those gems which are very precious to your heart. They may not have to perform some extraordinary act for you but just by their concern, their everyday behaviour you would know which ones are to be kept. If you havenot found one till now , keep looking. Most of us havenot. Or maybe some have but it doesnot hurt to have more.

Now, coming to the crux of your major issue here, "survival". Well, you could start by joining some social society or going about on a solo trip or learning a new language or engaging in some sport or penning down your musings or learning a new art. In the process, I am sure you'd meet new people and maybe find yourself a gem worth cherishing for a lifetime.Keep yourself busy, find your passion and work upon it in your free time, save up for discovering new places, practice meditation. Our mind is the web, our thoughts our shackles. It's these negative thoughts of envy,regret,self pity which make our day to day living burdensome. If we'd win over these, I guess we would appreciate our solitude or our own pleasant company and never be tired of it.

I have tried my best to make you feel better. I wish I could do as much as bring a transient smile on your face. Rest, life is short make the most of it.
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