How to track my lost Android phone with an app

1. If your device has Google Account then Find My Device is automatically turned on and using this you can find your lost phone or you can lock it, or erase it.
Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device

2. If you have already installed any antitheft application then you can track your lost phone using those.

Tracking your lost phone is solely based on your luck and your find my phone prefernces that you set when your device was with you.

There are several ways of tracking your lost phone. But these will only work when your phone is on and you have an active internet connection on your lost device. The ways of tracking your phone are :-

  • If your Google Account was linked with your phone and remote access was turned on, then, you can track your device using Find My Phone is google dashboard. Sign in - Google Accounts .
  • If you had a samsung phone and your phone was linked to your samsung account then you can track it from here Find My Mobile .

Remember, you phone should be on and remote access should be activated on your phone in order for above techniques to work.

If your phone is off and you cannot find your phone from above methods, you'll need to track your phone using IMEI Number. You can easily find your IMEI Number on the box of your smartphone.

Keep your box and bill with you, go to the local police station of area where you lost your phone and register an FIR. They will track your phone using your IMEI number as a normal person cannot track a phone using IMEI because of several privacy issues. Atleast it can give you the last location where your phone was on.

Hope it helps and best of luck for your search. Hope for the best.

There is not a particular application to Track you android phone, rather it doesn't provide accurate location, it just provides a sample location of your android device.

But in case of Apple products they have provided the tracking facility to a high accuracy, and it is only possible to track you I-phone device with the help of the Apple store located near you.

So, there are so many applications which will say that they will track your phone location, but they can't.

Have you tried Anti-Theft Security for Android ?

I strongly recommend you to install this app which contains more than 20 features to help you find your phone. I am the creator of this app so I can give you a promo code to unlock Pro version for free ;-)

This app combined with Android device manager really improve your phone security.

Anti-Theft Security - Apps on Google Play

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