How to use Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework for my final year project

Here's how you can begin with:

  • Take a good use case like Flight Booking System / Food Delivery System / Movie Booking System.
  • Design a IEEE SRS for the same and be clear with the requirements from the start.
  • Think about the conversation flow, the dialogs. The dialog switching should be seamless.
  • Start developing, download the bot framework template and bot emulator, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition install it and start working.
  • Use Google Express QPX API / Zomato / Open Movie Database REST API's.
  • Maintain proper coding standards, put all hardcoded strings into resource files, use dependency injection wherever possible.
  • Log your conversation data using Apache Log4Net Nuget package, for error diagnostics.
  • Log all conversation data, LUIS data into some NoSQL Database like MongoDB for better error diagonostics.
  • Publish your bot project using Azure Subscription, purchase a free one for now,it will ask for your credit card details and will give you worth of Rs.13000 as credits.
  • Maintain source and version control using Git or TFS.
  • Publish your bot endpoint to Web Skype or Facebook Messenger.
  • And, Voila you're done.

Let me know if you're stuck somewhere.

First you need to sign up Microsoft Cognitive Services subscription by following steps here. After, choose the API you are going to use for your project. For example if you want your bot to understand natural language, look into Language Understanding Intelligent Service

To get started with Microsoft Bot Framework, look at this resource Bot Framework Overview

Think the other way round.

Find a problem to solve then figure out technologies to use. There is no limit to technology. You can do Unimaginable things. Just find a problem around you and post the problem.

Then we can help you decide the technologies to use.

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