How to lose weight as a 14-year-old female

How do I lose weight as a 14-year-old female?

As a teenager you shouldn't go on a reduction, weight-loss diet.

You're still growing and developing and any, even the mildest, reduction diet can have bad consequences. Also, sooner you start a reduction diet more are your chances of going on yo-yo dieting. I did it when I was about 17–18 and I'm still in the depth, a morass, of yo-yo dieting, metabolic syndrome, etc.

So, DON'T!!!

However, it's also the best time to switch on to a healthy lifestyle which will serve you well for the rest of your life.

So, what would that HEALTHY LIFESTYLE be?

  1. Sleep eight hours a day. Always go to bed at the same time. Even on weekends. If you have to do something else, please use the next opportunity to switch back to the same regimen. If you have to be in school at 07.00, you should probably go to bed at around 22.00 (10PM). Switch off all computers, phones, everything - and just sleep.
  2. Drink ONLY water. No sweeteners, no sugar, no caffeine. If you go out with friends, drink a lemonade (no sweeteners, no sugar). Avoid all sodas.
  3. Reduce as much as possible all carbs. It's rather difficult. Only healthy foods without any carbs are animal fat, butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. For instance, eggs, brie, camambert, and similar, have very little carbs (for all practical purpose zero, but still!). Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, various cheeses, should be your source of proteins which are essential at such a young age. Yogurt, especially double cream, is excellent but most have some sugars in them. So, half a litre (a pint) a day is probably healthy, but whole litre (a quart) not so much.
  4. Do NOT eat any that's labeled as low-fat, fat-free, or some such.
  5. Try to eat food that's fresh, not processed. Some foods have to be cooked, though. All dairy, has to be processed. Making it at home is possible and doable but usually a big hassle.
  6. All vegetables are excellent, especially if fresh.
  7. Eat 2–3 pieces of fruit per day, as a snack between meals.
  8. Try to exercise. Use little tricks, like not using the elevator; walking if it's feasible instead of riding; while shopping go all around the shop. Use opportunities at school to do more exercise. Join a martial arts club; gymnastics club; swimming club; SCUBA diving club.
  9. Do not use any supplements, vitamins, etc, if not under DIRECT supervision and order of your doctor.
  10. If you have close relationships with other people, ensure adequate protection. Flu, cold, mononucleosis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc, can be prevented with appropriate measures, hand-washing, etc.

Good luck!

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