How can a 18-year-old boy develop a six pack?

Get your body fat level around 10–12 % to get a 6 pack. Although you shouldn't bother about getting a six pack at this age. This is what you should be focusing on:

  • Getting stronger, and putting on muscles. At about the age of 18–20 body is primed to have a great foundation for long term strength and fitness.
  • Starting Strength Training Programs will be a great foundation for you.

You wouldn't have much muscle mass at present, if you not done considerable amount of weight training or physically demanding sport. you can get 6 pack but you would look skinny as.

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Do I need weights to build a six-pack?

No. You need to diet to get a 6 pack. Though lifting weights will make the 6 pack appear faster with a proper diet, lifting weights with no diet will make the process long and will not guarantee any success. There are so many lifters pumping

I'm 15 years old and I want muscles. How should I start working out?

There are three things you will need to address to gain muscle mass. They are diet, cardio workouts and building muscle mass.Diet..... you need to eat smart. Increase your the amount of protein and reduce your white sugar consumption. Eat complex carbohydrates white reducing the simple carbs. You will need to increase the amount of food you eat to

How to go from 14% body fat to 10% body fat as a 14 yr old

You're very young to be doing a cut no matter your body size. Consult a medical expert first if this is a really serious thing you want to do. Your metabolism should be high so high Protein, low carb diet. Cut out all processed foods and non natural sugars. Drink water ideally although milk won't hurt. Definitely no sweets,