How can a boy aged 15 to 16 get a girl his age to like him?


I'm a 16 year old girl, but I don't think I'm a normal one.

For me, if you are good-looking, I'll probably look at you more for aesthetic reasons, but that doesn't mean I like you, since I define like as: I want to be together with you, date you and maybe even marry you one day.

If I like someone that means I want to be in a long term relationship with them, so most of the feelings that I've experienced are definitely not like, just lust or better sounding: physical attractions. But when I have lust for someone, I experienced that a lot. I won't do anything about it. Sure I look at you more and think about you, but you won't catch my interests for long.

For me to like someone, until now I only had that feeling for once or twice, they have to be intelligent, nice, humorous, responsible, respectful, physically attractive and have something I can learn from. And unfortunately I never liked anyone below 20 lol. Maybe I never met any guy who is 15–17 that meet all those criteria.

My advice for you? Well if you want to mess around then find the type that is messing around, don't try to trick girls that don't want to mess around be with you, just find those that want to mess around, they are easy to identify. Gooo luck.

Even as only a 17 year-old dude, I can tell you that 15 or 16 is definitely not old enough for you to date and not regret it later. You are very unlikely to stay with this girl for the rest of your life, and (unless you stay with her that long) you will have to break up at some point.

Dating or even expressing an interest in dating too early is a great way to lose friends.

That said, pursue a friendship. If you keep the friendship just a friendship, then it is almost impossible for you to regret it later, and, you may well be able to date her later, say, five years down the road.

As for how to become friends, I'd say (for the most part) just learn from your other friendships. I seriously doubt that you ever made friends by:

1. Staring at someone when they weren't looking.

2. Lying awake at night thinking about them.

3. Making sure your hair always looks handsome.

4. Growing an awesome beard.

Actually, you should probably try 4, just in case <];-{)~

But other than 4, just learn from your other friendships, and don't worry about it too much.

In general, there is nothing you can do one way or the other.

Girls are young women and think like women. They will like a guy for reason you will not understand.

The best thing you can do is let them know you like them and see what happens.

After you let them know, leave! The more you stay around and try and get them to like you, the farther away they will become. I have seen good looking mature men, trying to hit on a lady and the more they tried to interact the further away the lady got. Once you have put the idea in their heads, be friendly, but don't come on to them. Rather than try and impress them, turn to one of their friends and talk or dance with them. After a while they will start to feel insecure and will welcome your attention. If that does not work find another girl, as they are not interested.

Be mature and polite. Girls don't like when a guy acts childish and says rude things. Make her feel special. Develop a fun talent that you can share together. First become friends before you date that you know that the person is good for you.

Ease into it!

If he can't, it's the end of life on earth as we know it. Be friendly, but not pushy. LISTEN to what she likes to say. Talk about yourself ONLY IF SHE ASKS.

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