How can a boy notice if a girl likes him?

Okay so if a girl really likes a guy....
She will be often found staring at him ... if she is not quite shy then she might come to you and initiate a conversation
And once she starts talking to you...she will try to talk to you every now and then...she will probably laugh even at your silly jokes and she will try and be around you.She might sit around you during your classes or at your work place..
Basically you should be sharp enough to understand what these small actions or indications mean...
Hope this answers your question... :)
What type of workout and diet works best?

22 pounds in one month is an aggressive goal and might not be realistic or healthy. Crash diets generally lead to gaining all of the weight back after they're over, because most people go right back to the same habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place. Also your metabolism slows down

How does a lawyer get to know and engage corporate clients?

The key is to demonstrate to potential corporate clients, your levels of intellectual acumen in handling complex client matters, perhaps on a trial or free basis.For example, our team offers free legal consultancy and reports for corporate and private clients so they can easily assess the value and strength of our work.Another method is of course networking

What mind-blowing fact we could learn from ancient vedas?

Vedas are rich in knowledge, covering topics like physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and various other fields of sciences. It is fascinating to learn the knowledge base of the writers of Vedas, who, in the times that saw no technology, have thought,