How can a businessman get funding?

By seeking for funds from family & relatives or from financial institutions.

A great product, market research, team (if required) and financial plan. All in all, described well in the business plan.

Also, a beautiful presentation with the capacity to answer questions quickly, efficiently and with much needed enthusiasm.

Above all, you need to have great communication skills. Otherwise, no matter what you may have, if you cannot engrave it in the mind of your investors, funding is going to look bleak.

On the other hand, if you simply go for grants, then it's all about paperwork - which varies from country to country, depending on the programs available.

Do marriages of Arab men and western women work?

Yes, it works. A lot of Lebanese men are married to russians, romanians, french...they have kids together, live in Lebanon and lead a normal life .

In what ways is Florida better than California?

No State income tax, crazy, Low priced housing, no fires, no earthquakes, Low Low property taxes. Hurricanes yes, but if you choose to live in areas where hurricanes are rare ( panhandle, I'm looking at you) you can mitigate that. Everyone is from Someplace else so they are friendly. That's about it.

When does a house become a home?

According to me everyone has a different perspective.For someone one thing matter more than from others.So here are my views/criteria:1.Parents-Most important2.A place where you feel homely or feel connected to it,familiar.3.A place where you live mentally too not