How can a fast food restaurant find good employees?

It more intrisic than getting good recommendations-It just the work ethic the employee holds. Its the authenticity and you, the transparency. Remember, you are in the people business and in competiton with everyone restaurant. just look outside your establishment, especially if you are ina big city. Treatment of your employees and their treatment towards the customers is crucial. Some employees, chefs waiters, bartenders and managers are breed in themselves. I would look for a clean police record. There are websites after websites for background checking an individual for a small fee. Chefs are the hardest to hire because you need experience and education. In additon to sous chef who can double up as a pantry chef. They are really the core of inventory control. There was a couple who ran a Chinese restaurant. The wife who is Chinese, didn't feel in paying good chefs. She thought that if the chefs followed procedures, the food would be good. Well in some case, the food was good if the chef was good. Like I said the chefs were bad and cheap- the food was always lousy and sometimes good; it is not- too inconsistent. I who ran a salon busines a couple of doors down, didn't have the heart to tell her and her husband that the food was lousy. Oher employees have families therefore, you, as an employer must deal with them as honestly or realistically as possible. A lot of the waitresses have differnet needs which you need to address; child care, caring for a loved one or they may want to work for some medical benefits. If you cannot provide it, tell them. Most of the people you hire will be the result of who hired them the longest. If they were treated fairly and honestly-chances are you will have an excellent employee. Lastly, if you hire them, tell them its probationary for 6 months. Do not be a pushove but at the same time don't be an ass. Always have a mentor for them so as to be familiar with your methods. Remember, when a customer comes in, the conversation between your employee and the customer will be a reflection of you and the restaurant. If they quit, would they recommend or bad mouth your establishment? Lastly, it is these waitresses that will give you about what customers think of your menu, the taste of the food in your menu or whether its too pricey. Busboys apart form the dishwashers, should maintain a clean establishment. Soda fountains and drimk/ice cream dispensers must be clean. Oven are free from grease. In the area where I live, there is a restauranteur who may be influential with the Health Dept, he had roaches crawling on spoons- my foemer co worker attested to this incident. Your busboys are really the ones who can spot the stuff-you nbeed their feedback without reprecussion. When come crunch time, they wil be there for you.

Where is the best place to take shy girl?

parkone-day trip to a city nearbyhikingcinematheatre/balletzoo/aquariumcafes, bars and restaurants can be ok, but if she's really super shy, she would feel uncomfortable eating in front of youIn general, just try to avoid super crowded places (like fairs, concerts, clubs etc) and make sure it will be just the two of you. She

What is the best excuse to get out of a party early?

Not a party, but a non-refundable motel fee. Bear with me for a little backstory:My siblings and I were all born in California. , but in 1980 we moved to Casper WY. My brother had been born in April 1980. My dad worked for Western Airlines in LAX.

What are the good and bad things about living in Washington, D.C.?

DC is still de facto segregated in many ways. We're so accustomed to this that we've become numb. That is the worst, I think.We've got pretty good public transportation, an incredible number of hospitals and universities in what is a relatively small space that