How can a girl like me?

Guys, it is this simple: be nice. It's not being 'a girl' and don't listen to those who say that, it's most likely that they're single, are very good friends of yours so they can tease you without you thinking they are serious or they run to their girlfriends right after saying that and be the nicest guys to her that you probably wouldn't connect that two persons. Almost everybody's first impression is based on the apperance, so when you attract a girl(and you surely will, everybody's different and likes different styles), you just be nice, gentle and understanding. And most importantly, be yourself. Treat her like you would like someone to treat your little sister when she grows up, your best friend, your daughter someday. And believe me, girls and guys are not some creatures from different planets who can't understand each other, we are all human beings, we all have similar problems and just be honest with your feelings, it'll all be great, you'll see ;)

You don't.

You like yourself and be yourself without caring if people like you. Be confident and then you'll be liked by girls.

Be yourself. Don't pretend to like the things she likes.

By following the Boy Scout motto.

A2A: I find treating them like people works wonders, but if you mean how do you get women to lust after you, or to fall for you romantically then being extremely good looking helps. If you're not, good looking that is, then be incredibly successful at whatever it is you do, especially if it makes money, and if it doesn't do something to make enough money on the side that you're financially secure.

One of the most important characteristics which attract any girl is your personality.

If your goal is that girls should like that then develope your personality.

Be someone who knows how to hold the talk, is funny, caring and Respectful. These few personality traits will get you long way with girl and with other person too.

Don't chase them.

There are a million youtube videos on this topic. My favorite is Todd Valentine.

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