How can a girl manage periods in school?

A girl with periods at school might find it a bit tough . But its not that difficult to take leave from school just because she is on her periods.

☆ Always have an extra sanitary napkin/ tampon no matter if its not the time of menstrual cycle .

☆ Once periods has started , use a good quality sanitary product and have tissues as well . Change pads once every 4 or 5 hours . This will prevent any leakage . Use larger pads if necessary.

☆ In case of cramps or pain , take adequate rest before leaving to school and don't lose your sleep. Try to be calm and if the pain doesn't subside , seek help .

☆ Have a sanitiser so that you can clean your hands after changing pads .

☆ Make sure you keep yourself dry after washing your vaginal area to prevent any discomfort.Use good quality tissues.

☆ If you have to be at school for longer hours, make sure you carry as many pads as you require.

Don't be afraid of menstrual cycle. Be calm and you can handle it . Moodswings are normal . But never miss school .....

How much time should I rest for after my workout at the gym?

Depends on what you do.If you're lifting weights below 12RM (your 12 rep max) then you probably need at least 48 hours of recovery time before you attempt that range again. If you're lifting above your 13-15RM (basically high repetition lifting, more endurance oriented)

Do migraine headache really cause brain damage?

Yes..migraine may cause brain damage !Migraines can cause permanent brain damage, especially in those who experience flashing lights before the onset, a study has found. ... The results showed that migraine with aura increased the risk of white matter brain lesions by 68 per cent and migraine with no aura increased the risk by 34

Does running or walking causes muscle loss?

Running does cause on muscle loss, but walking does not. I can provide some facts that I have applied on me Believe me that it helps tremendously during my training. i never loss an inch of muscle though i gained it.i don't run but i do sprint. Using treadmill since city has