How can a husband forever stay happy with his wife?

Honestly, a husband can't stay happy with her wife forever. Its totally hypothetical. There may be a lot of good days and very few bad ones but there will be a balance between happiness and sadness.

You can keep the love intact between the two of you and treasure it all along and build on it. This will keep you two happy, most of the time. don't forget why you love him and don't let him forget why he loves you. Tell each other everyday that you love the other person, because sometimes the most obvious things need to be said to keep a relationship in check.

This is pretty much everything that I can suggest to you.

How much do sedentary people really need to move to be healthy?

According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology they say a person only needs to have physical movement for 20–40 minutes to counteract the negative effects of sitting. However, I personally believe that you really need a lot more than that. Lets be honest the human body was not meant to stay still all day

Is it right to be in a relationship when I know we have no future?

I love him but when I think about the future, I feel sad and it hurts me as hell as I can never imagine my life without him.So, We were both heartbroken when we first met and during this time we cared for each other and made sure that we won't let ourselves be

What will you do if you get to know your husband is gay after getting married?

As a guy, and if I are homosexual, I'd be relieved, imagine. Were I a heterosexual female I'd likely be I would be furious that someone I trusted more than anyone else and was dedicating my life to would lie to me.If he