How can a mobile phone make a call?

Assuming you are calling another number in the same network:

1. You turn on the mobile. The mobile make Location Update (LU) with the network. LU means the phone will be authenticated in the network and declared as reachable.
2. You call a number. The mobile start Mobile Originating Call (MOC). It will send the called number to the network
3. The network checks if you have enough balance to make the call. If yes then:
4. The network makes paging to called number. Paging means looking fot the phone and initiating Mobile Tarminating Call (MTC)
5. When the called phone rings, the network sends a back ringtone to your phone. Here you say it is ringing.
6. The called guy answers your call. His phone informs the network which will initiate a voice channel between both phones.

A mobile phone is technically known as a ‘Cell Phone'. At a very basic level, any mobile phone will have below two sections -

  1. Receiver - Receive signals from the outside world
  2. Transmitter - Transmit signals from your device to the outside world

With the help of these two units, the mobile phone will convert your voice into an electric signal and send it to other party. Also, the other party's signals are converted back into voice when they reach your device. This way a conversation happens.

Below blog will help you understand a bigger and detailed picture -

How mobiles make calls – An overview

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By contacting a cell tower by means of a communication protocol such as GSM

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