How can a woman stop being jealous of her husband?

If there is no justification for your jealousy then it is you who needs to be fixed. I don't see the wisdom in sending a perfectly good man packing just because you can't trust. Notice I didn't say can't trust him. If your feelings are based on evidence and his attitude is one of anger in response to your accusations rather than feeling hurt or  desperate to dissuade your unfounded fears then you may need to follow him around or hire a private eye. If you've been badgering him for an extended time despite his tender efforts to convince you of his dedication he may have reached the point that I call having no more room in his cup. Much like  When a cup is so full that not one more drop will fit without running over a persons patience can be tested to the point of saturation and even the slightest of suggestions/accusations cannot be absorbed. How long would you be able to love someone who called you a liar every time you responded to a false accusation.?  It doesn't take long before you begin to feel pissed off if your not a liar. So I would say do some introspection and if your inability to trust stems from past experiences childhood or as an adult give the guy a break and ask him to help you defeat the demons that are robbing you of the joy that being secure in your love has to afford. If there are concrete reasons backed by evidence (even circumstantial) demand he prove you wrong by walking you all the way through the thing that makes you jealous until there is no stone unturned. Phone records, financial records, e mails, all should be open to your inspection if he has nothing to hide. I don't know anybody that would refuse to bare hinself for you and take a chance losing the woman he loves for the sake of standing on a principal szuch as right to privacy and if he does he probably is hoding something. So is it you?  You certainly know the answer to that one. Is it him?  Spend only as much time and effort as you think it's worth to keep him to ferret out the truth. Good luck
How to check if a website is safe and not a scam

If you have security software on your computer, it should alert you if the website is suspect. McAfee and Norton both maintain a data base of suspicious websites.You can also check the trustworthiness of a website at ScamAdviser.Are you also asking how you can tell if an offer on a website is a scam?

Have you ever felt like your soul is connected to someone else's soul even though you guys don't see each other?

Yes. He was someone online, and I did not call him, or text, nothing, but right from the start, I felt completely comfortable with him, even online. Later, I felt feelings he felt, and even his prescence alot, especially when I was sicker.( I have