How can a women find a mother willing to put her child up for adoption if she has already had surgery on her uterus?

In the U.S., the safest way is to go to a licensed, nonprofit adoption agency, preferably accredited by the Council on Accreditation, or to an adoption attorney who is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.

While you can do an independent adoption in which you find a pregnant woman considering adoption on your own, you will still need an agency or a private social worker licensed to do homestudies in your state, to do the mandatory homestudy, plus an attorney to assist with the legalities and court finalization.

Moreover, when you search for a pregnant woman considering adoption on your own, the risk of getting scammed, and the risk of having the best woman change her mind after delivery are greatly increased. Experienced adoption agencies and attorneys know how to identify potential scammers and the pregnant women who are most likely to proceed with their plan to relinquish their newborn. Scams and fall through can still happen, but the likelihood that you will lose money and experience the emotional pain that comes with scams and fall through is lessened.

Now, if you are contemplating an international adoption, the Universal Accreditation Act requires that you use a Hague-accredited agency or a Hague-aporoved attorney as your primary provider, even if you happen to identify a pregnant woman on your own. And remember that, in Hague-compliant countries, you probably will not be allowed to adopt a child directly from a birthmother. The child will usually have to be in an orphanage or foster home, and the country will need to have determined by that there is no domestic family that can adopt the child.

Why does China not annex North Korea and South Korea?

Because to annex them you would have to face North Korea which always tried to be the most independent from China and then South Korea and consequentially United States since USA soldiers are stationed there. China in the Korean War lost about 150.000 soldiers against the coalition led by the United Nations.

What was the most surprising thing you heard someone say?

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