How can consistent minimal exercise over long periods change your body?

It depends on a whole lot of factors. If your existing body weight is just a few kilos/pounds away from your ideal body weight, 15 to 20 min of moderate intensity exercise coupled with a decent diet can yield results in 4- 6 weeks.

Everything depends on your goal(fat loss, lean look, bulking, endurance building) and if your existing lifestyle can support that goal. Once you pick a specific goal, you will have a better idea to execute your plan.

If you don't eat for a day, will you naturally eat twice as much the next day?

No.If I'm by myself I often go a day or sometimes even two without eating. To me the social aspects of a meal are almost as important as the meal itself. If I don't have anybody to eat with I really don't care if I eat or not.There were times when I was traveling a lot for business that

I am working in a startup for 8 months as an Android developer as there are no projects in the company till now. Should I leave after 1 year or stay for more than 1 year?

No man don't do it and i don't know why you are thinking like that , in this case you should take an executive decision and get some clients for the company because it doesn't matter if they get any clients or not but you should get clients so what i am saying might sound illogical but

Where do you find your motivation in life?

ME. I am My Motivation. I am My Strength. I am My Power-House.Motivation is found nowhere but inside of the body of the individual who needs it. The person who not only wants to but need to achieve something great in his/her life. When you are that much concerned about your life, and when you really need to reach