How can hidden cameras be detected?

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Perform an initial search

  1. Do a physical search of the premises. This involves a lengthy and careful investigation of the room or building you suspect to be wired.Spot anything out of the ordinary or out of place, such as bunches of flowers, paintings that are twisted or in unusual places, lampshades that seem unusual. Look for smoke detectors that you would not have installed, see if there is no camera in the speaker.Look inside flowerpots, light fixtures and other places where a transmitter could be easily concealed.Look under the cushions of the sofa, under the table tops and under the shelves. These last two are great places to hide miniature cameras.Look for cables that do not appear anywhere like an electrical appliance or other appliance. "Wired" spyware (the opposite of wireless) is less common in modern technology, but it is still used for commercial enterprise disaster prevention.
  2. Listen while you walk quietly in the room. Many small motion-sensitive cameras make an almost inaudible noise or a buzz when they work.

Updated my answer with reference here: Hidden Camera: How to Find it at Your Place 7-step checks to find the hidden cameras at your place:

1. Checking the room manually

The most obvious way to find a hidden camera at your place is to manually check out the points of interest in a room. For example, a camera might be hidden in a some sort of a cover, like under a bed or in a plant. But there are also certain types of hidden cameras that are designed to be hard to spot, like those that are camouflaged as a stuffed doll or a common household object such as a pen.

This method, however, is not fully reliable, and a hidden camera can easily be missed that way. If you want to be more certain that your place is camera free, you should also take advantage of other measures.

2. Using your ears

It's a known saying that eyes can deceive us. That's why you should turn off the music and all the other types of similar distractions, so you can walk around the room and listen for any strange sounds. You see, many motion-sensitive cameras make a specific click or buzz when they operate that is almost impossible to hear, but doable if you listen closely.

3. Using your cellphone

You know how certain devices (such as your speakers) make a strange buzzing sound when you stand next to them with your cellphone while making a call? The same method can be used to find a hidden camera at your place. This method is a bit more reliable than using your ears.

4. Using a signal detector

Finding a hidden camera at your place can't be more simple than buying a signal detector that's professionally designed just for that purpose. However, the obvious downside is that it's going to cost you some money unlike simply using a cellphone that you probably carry on you at all times. However, the device is not at all expensive.

An RF (radio frequency) detector won't take too much space and it's not hard to use. While it should be able to help you detect most types of hidden cameras, there are some professional ones that camouflage the signal by using "spread spectrum" to confuse such devices. These types of professional hidden cameras can only be detected by using a spectrum analyzer or by hiring a professional technician.

5. Checking behind the mirrors

One of the tricks used by voyeurs is to place a camera on the other side of a mirror that is see-through, while the other side acts as a regular mirror. That way, it can remain perfectly hidden while capturing the entire room.

However, these types of mirrors all share one weakness: they rely on the observer's side being darker than the room they are observing. If this is not the case, the mirror stops being reflective. So in order to find a hidden camera that's installed behind a mirror, turn off the lights and see if anything changes.

6. Checking for strange LED lights

While turning off the lights, you should also check for strange LED lights that shouldn't be there. Believe it or not, some people completely forget to disable this feature on a camera after installing it or cover it up by other means. Naturally, these are way easier to spot in darker environments.

7. Spotting the unrecognized power socket

A hidden camera can be one type of CCTV cameras. Therefore, some hidden cameras require constant AC power to run (while some hidden cameras only require batteries to run). Thus it makes no harm to check all the power sockets at your place. If you don't recognize any plugs attached to the sockets, unplug them!

Also see this reference: What to do if you suspect a hidden camera is in your room?


Finding a hidden cameras Is not an easy task at all :) Otherwise they shouldn't called a "hidden camera"

It depends on the place where you want to find a hidden camera, because at different places cameras can be places at different positions.

:- But there are some logical ways to find a hidden camera :-

Easy way : Buy a RF signal detector
Buy an RF (radio frequency) detector and do a sweep of your room, building, or home. These portable devices are small, simple to use, and fairly inexpensive. However, there are bugs that use multiple frequencies in rapid sequence called "spread spectrum" that an RF detector will not pick up. These bugs are used by professionals and require a spectrum analyzer and an experienced technician to find.

Search out manually
Pick a torch light and search out all little areas of your room. Generally cameras are placed In a mirror, some night lamps, etc...

Common items to have video cameras hidden in them include books, smoke detectors, desk plants, house plants, tissue boxes, stuffed teddy bears and electrical outlets.

Turn off lights and look around
Some cameras have "power on" indicator lights, and if the person who sets it up id careless they may fail to cover the deactivate this feature.

Use Your cellphone

Your cellphone can detect and pickup electromagnetic field. Place a call to and then wave the device around a suspected item. Your phone will make clicking and buzzing noises near a product that emits an electromagnetic field.

-:Think about following before you try :-
  • Don't let the cameras and mics know you're looking for them.
  • For stealthy sweeps, hide the RF detector and make sure it's on silent mode.

Thank You !!!
Source used : wikiHow

The below step-by-step guide enables you to find hidden cameras within minutes. Most of the ways are totally FREE! Sometimes just a little trick can make the spy cameras no place to hide.

1. Scan the Environment Carefully to Detect Suspicious Hidden Video Cameras

Most Common Places to Find Hidden Cameras Indoors

• Smoke detectors

• Air filter equipment

• Books

• Wall décors

• Electrical outlets

• Desk plants

• Tissue boxes

• Stuffed teddy bears

• Couch cushions, table tops, and shelves

• DVD cases

• Lava lamps

Most Common Positions to Locate Hidden Cameras & Microphones Outdoors

• House plants

• Holes on the doors

• The roof the house

• The doorbell outside your home

2. Turn off the Lights in Your Room to Spot Hidden Night Vision Cameras

Step 1. Draw the curtains in your room, and turn off the lights.

Step 2. Check whether there are blinking red or green LEDs in your room.

3. Use Your Mobile Phones to Locate Hidden CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Step 1. Make a phone call with your friends or family.

Step 2. Walk around your room. Hidden surveillance normally would give off a special radio frequency that would interfere with your phone call signal.

If you notice that there is signal interference in a specific place or position, stop and check this place carefully to find out whether there is a hidden security camera there.

4. Get a Professional Detector or Sensor to Spot Hidden CCTV Cameras

  • Buy a professional detector on Amazon or other online shops. The price varies greatly, ranging from several bucks to hundreds of dollars.
  • Turn on the device and do a sweep of your room to detect hidden pinhole video cameras.

Typically the detectors will beep when they detect a signal, giving you an audible indication when you near a potential camera.

5. Check the Mirrors in Your Room to Pinpoint Hidden Spy Cameras

Remember to find hidden cameras in the mirrors in the toilet, changing or trial rooms, etc. As you may know, some awful guys would install a hidden spy camera on the other side of a mirror that is see-through, while the other side looks the same as a normal mirror.

1. Put your fingernail on the mirror.

2. Observe the gap between your finger and the mirror.

If there's a gap between your finger and the image, it's a real mirror. If you finger and the image touch tip to tip, there would be a hidden spy camera in the mirror.

6. Use Flashlight to Find Hidden Cameras

1. Turn on the flashlight and turn of the lights in your room.

2. Pan the flashlight around the room.

Go slowly and examine any suspicious positions from different angles. If you notice any reflective lights from an object, there might be a hidden camera there.

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Using your mobile phone to detect a hidden camera

Although not foolproof, using your mobile phone to detect hidden cameras can be effective. There are free apps that can be downloaded to help facilitate this method or it can be performed manually. To do so, turn off the room lights and turn on your phone's camera. Although invisible to the human eye your phone camera can detect infrared lights often used by hidden cameras. They will show up as a bright pinpoint of light on your camera and indicate where a camera may be hidden. A second technique using the phone is to turn on the camera flash and shine it around a darkened room. Any camera lens may twinkle or flash with a reflection and can be detected.

Mobile phones also have the ability to pick up an electromagnetic field given off by electrical devices. This third technique involves making a call on your phone using the speakerphone feature then sweeping the room with the phone and listening for any static or clicking noise on the call. This interference can be the result of a camera transmitter and can help you detect a camera location.

Or use a professional hidden camera detector.

Read more at my blog: How to detect hidden cameras for self protection? - Annke Blog

You can follow below methods, to detect hidden cameras

We are professional CCTV Camera Provider, and my method works!

1. Scan the Environment Carefully

The easiest way to detect hidden cameras is checking around the environment carefully. Search carefully would be helpful to spot "obvious" hidden cameras.

Most Common Places to Find Hidden Cameras

  • Smoke detectors
  • Desktop Clock
  • Air filter
  • Books
  • Wall decorations
  • Power outlets
  • Tissue boxes
  • Desk plants
  • Soft Toy
  • DVD Player / TV Box
  • Lamps

Some objects may reveal suspicious wires, if you find some unusual power outlets or adapters, unplug them immediately.

2. Turn off all lights and draw curtains to spot hidden night vision cameras by using your mobile phone

Most hidden security cameras have red or green LEDs. The LEDs will blink or shine in low-light conditions.

When in low-light conditions, the LEDs around the camera lens will turn on to supplement the lighting for the cameras to produce clear night vision. You can spot carefully for red or green LEDs by using your mobile phone.

Step 1. Turn on your mobile phone camera

Step 2. Use your mobile phone camera to search around the room to find LEDs blink or shine lights

Tips: When you are traveling and stay in the hotel room, you can take a portable security camera with you. You can put it in your hotel room to see who entered your room without your permission. With a security camera installed in your hotel room, you can also keep tab on your stuff.

3. Check the Mirrors in Your Room

Most hidden cameras in the mirrors was installed in the toilet or changing rooms. Some awful guys would install a hidden spy camera on the other side of a mirror that can see-through, while the front side looks like a normal mirror.

There's a tip for you to figure out whether there's any spy camera behind the mirror.

1. Point your finger on the mirror.

2. Observe the gap between your finger and mirror.

If there's a gap between your finger and the image, it's a real mirror. If you finger and the image touch tip to tip, there might be a hidden spy camera in the mirror.

4. Use Flashlight to Find Hidden Cameras (Works best in dark environment)

1. Turn of the lights in your room and turn on the flashlight on your mobile phone

2. Pan the flashlight around the room.

Spot slowly and examine any suspicious. If you notice any reflective lights, there might be a hidden camera.

What to Do If You Detect Hidden Spy Cameras at Your Place

Step 1. Don't move or touch the hidden cameras.
Step 2. Take all of your belongs.
Step 3. Call the police.

Footnote: Information was quote How to Detect Hidden Cameras Step-by-Step Guide

What's the most straightforward approach to recognize hidden secret cameras in your room, house or hotel room? How to discover hidden secret cameras behind mirrors or light bulb spy camera? I've summed some viable approaches to enable you to spot hidden surveillance cameras and listening gadgets planted in both open air and indoor regions, including your lodging room, in the restroom, at your home, and wherever you are.

Here in my answer I mentioned 4 ways to find whether a camera is there or not.
The phone test: If the trial room you are entering has hidden camera, it would block the receptions of your phone. Just before entering the trial room, check the signals on your phone and see if you get any. If you do, then try calling from your phone. If the call connects then you can be tension free and enjoy your shopping experience.
The two way mirror test: A two way mirror is a glass which is see through on one side and is a mirror on the other side. When you touch a real mirror there is always a little space between the refection of your finger and your actual finger. If, however it is a two way mirror there will be no space at all. Your finger and its reflection will touch at a point.
Try looking through: If you look too closely you might even see through a two way mirror. Press your face against the glass and put your hands around you eyes so as to block all light. The see through mirror is made in a way that allows some light to pass through it and so if you look closely you might see the room beyond.
The torch test: The two way mirror is the best way to conceal a hidden camera. Fortunately there is yet another way to find out if the mirror is a two way mirror. A see through mirror works when one side (the trial room) is brightly lit and the other side (the observation room) in dark. So to find out if the mirror is a see though, switch of the lights of the trial room and with a flash light observe the mirror closely. If there is an observation room it will come into view and so will the culprit trying to exploit you.
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