How can humans make daily life easier?

I am writing some points that I follow in my daily life. I keep editing it according to my wish to enjoy my days better than yesterday.

  • I don't watch TV. Keep myself updated with the news app. It saves lot of time. It protect your mind from being conditioned by fear and hatred that is visualized by the news channels at extreme.
  • I make a To Do list and keep updating it.
  • I use notepad tool to make notes which comes to my mind while doing some other work and alarm tool for reminder of some important dates. Don't repeat them 24 by 7 in my mind. Keep it free.
  • Keep the things at same place daily.
  • Do the most important things first keeping in mind that this is the best thing I am doing today.
  • Get up early no matter at what time I sleep. Practising getting up at same time daily :p. If my mind counts the hours of my sleeping and if it is less, I trick it by saying " Great job, you can manage with this much also, you are perfect manager".
  • Don't use social sites much.
  • Don't involve in negative talks. Avoid it as much as possible.
  • Keep a distance from negative people "The Negative Critisizers". They will suck your energy if you start thinking what they have said to you.
  • Don't think what others thinking about me. Its their work, let them do.
  • See the positive side of the situations that you have to face. Keep smiling

What will the next generations think when they read the ''hate-comments'' on internet?

"Poor suckers, what the heck were they thinking?"Think about it. What do you think when you read writing from the medieval times where people who practiced medicine would drill a hole in your skull to drain out demons?I think. "Wow. Poor suckers had no idea what

How to develop a group chat application

Group chat applications are high in demand due to their ability to improve productivity among team members and ease of communication 24/7.There are 3 ways you can develop a group chat application.Code the team chat app from scratch.Use a chat application scriptGet ready made messaging solution to