How can husband and wife live together as a team?

It is like playing a mix doubles match. It's a teamwork.

One takes the lead, other watches with appreciation. Encourage the other partner to take the lead and watch it. When the rythm gets going there is no one to stop, life will be fun and full of bliss.

When one partner is tired take the brunt of the shots and make him/her ready for the next shots. When your partner is on high spirit you duck, when low reassure your full support.

Main effort of this team work is to win the points, match ie., to work together for better and heathy life with cooperation, understanding and trying to give their best under any circumstances. There is no scope for ego in teamwork. If Ego enters then you keep on loosing the points not just in matches but also in life.

Don't put all the pressure on your partner, take lead and be an example by yourself. Compliment each other. That's the essence of the match and real life.

Teamwork is all about cooperation, trust, understanding, respect, taking the responsibilities when needed with due respect to your partner.

It is all about WIN - WIN.

What's the best workout for the buttocks?

Hi CIERRA,Thanks for the A2A.. My reply will not be what you will undoubted read as found in other replies especially when it comes to exercise selection and the approach to this body part.While you will prove to yourself you can work

Did God create men or did men create God?

I am a Christian, but I will grant one small concession to atheists who try to assert that "man created God". I believe that a major part of why men believe in God does indeed have to do with the fact that we are strongly inclined to attribute "god-like" characteristics to ourselves.

What Microsoft Excel hacks changed the way you work?

Don't know that I'd call it a hack but Powerquery has completely changed Excel for me. I can automate repetitive tasks in under an hour usually and it's fairly easy to learn.I took a process of reviewing invoices that wasn't even being done manually because the files were too large and automated the entire thing in under four hours