How can india have a car manufacturer like tesla?

I agree with Arnis. There are electric cars running on Indian Roads. Mahindra Reva is a great example. The market is very small.
 Reasons behind small Market:-
1. Technology constraint :- there is no research being done in this particular field.
2. Current manufacturers of bigger players even if they have the technology do not see India as a potential market for electric cars as of now.
3. Cost of design and development is very high. Which would lead to high cost of the product. Which customers would be reluctant to pay.
4. Manufacturers are looking for profit making prospects not for changing the world like Elon Musk (Whose prime objective is to change the whole technology).

And for you. you can join Mahindra. Mahindra is a company, which is working into electric cars, there u can get an exposure about the technoogy.
I believe there are electric cars made in India.
Tesla fits US/EU more than in India, mainly price difference. But also road conditions and specifications and functions.

Join the forces with those who already do or plan bringing EV-s to Indian market.

Hey, Thanks for the A2A. :)

There are just soooo many millions of things you'll need to do. Plus a million billion rupees too.

If I knew about it totally, I'd be doing it right now. :P

Fret not, keep your aim and focus on it. See you soon on the cover of the TIME magazine. :) 

Stay positive. :)

All the best. :D

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