How can older people get six pack abs or bulging biceps no matter what the age?

I started really hitting the weights in my early 30s, I'm 39 now. I never had the bulging biceps or the six pack when I was younger. It is a bit harder at and older age but Definitely possible!

First, six pack abs simply means your body fat is low enough that your abdominal wall is visible. That comes basically with diet.

Second, For bulging muscles start with lifting Weights Properly, But in a Heavy rep range of 8-12. Also, It will mean some isolation work. So if you want for example: your chest to Bulge then spend a good amount of time on Chest isolation. Find a lifting program that focuses on Hypertrophy and some Strength.

Thirdly, High Protein along with a healthy diet full of healthy fats and good carbs are a set standard.

One thing that is commonly overlooked is getting enough rest, restful sleep will truly be key to Building Bulging Muscles.


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