How can one get a good night's sleep if you're under a lot of stress at work?

It sounds stupid, but leave work at work. Bringing home your stress does no good.

Sometimes, I can't leave work at work. This is how I cope with the stress.

-Leave a notebook and pen in your bedside drawer. Any thoughts you have, or something you remembered you have to do, a good idea, etc. Write it down. Remind yourself, its in the notebook, you'll deal with it in the morning. You won't forget.

-Allow yourself time to stress and think about work. Not too much time, but enough to acknowledge the stress. Allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself.

-Take time before bed to wind down. Watch your favorite show. Read a book. Take a bath. Have a cup of tea. Whatever it may be. Yes, you are stressed. But you deserve to relax for a little while.

-Breathe. Calm yourself down. Everything you are worried about, will still be there in the morning. You cannot do anything about it right now. So why let it affect your sleep?

What are good exercises for each muscle group?

Biceps:Outer Biceps:Narrow grip barbell curlInner Biceps:Wide grip Barbell CurlLower Biceps:Preacher CurlBiceps Peak:Standing/Sitting Biceps concentration CurlOverall Biceps:Shoulder width barbell CurlsBack:Upper Back: Rope Face Pull/Seated RowsMiddle Back:T Bar Rows/Seated Machine Rows/Barbell/Dumbell RowsLower Back:HyperextensionLats:Lower Lats:Close Grip Pulls down /Close grip

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Because you're probably doing the wrong thing.There is a world-wide trend today to