How can one increase their facial muscles?

So many answears relating to skin, but not much actual info about creating hypertrophy of the facial muscles.

Overall, facial muscles are resistant to growth, but they can grow like any other muscle - especially the muscles you use to chew with, as these contain a fair number of fast twitch fibers. Still, the muscles are very small, and the fibers are few, so don't expect miracles.

Couple o' things you can do include;

Buying and using a professional mouth guard to practise your static bite force. This will allow you to bite as hard as you can without risking wear on the teeth. Some mouth guards can even be modified to allow you to lift things with your teeth using the guard, which is definately going to help with the jaw muscles - don't worry, your teeth won't loosen and fall out that way, lol.

Chewing large clumps of gum; this one is pretty self explanatory. The jaw muscles could initially be trained this way, and eventually, chewing gum would be effective ‘deload' training and good for warmups.

Using a spring loaded mouth piece would create insane amounts of eccentric and concentric muscle tension in the chew muscles. I do not know if such a contraception has ever been made commercially, but I do know they have been used by a select group of people obsessed with biting power - specifically those who hold records lifting and pulling heavy things with the mouth.

This would take care of nearly all the significant muscle groups at and around the jawline, contributing to widening it.

Other muscles of the face are near-impossible to build due to how fine and few the fibers are - but your best bet would be to smear your face in a thick layer of sticky substance. like honey or a face mask, and then go to town on the typical ‘face yoga' excersises. You may or may not see even a tiny improvement even with long, consistent usage, but honestly, who has time to do face yoga for hours every single day.

Now for the 2 best and most effective ways to increase facial muscle tone - losing bodyfat - self explanatory !

And drugs. Anabolic abuse over prolonged times will widen and thicken all the bones of the face, and some additional hypertrophy of the facial muscles will happen, especially if you also train them.

Human growth hormone is another, atleast as effective drug, for growing all the facial bones and muscles.

This has been a weird but interesting subject to write about.

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