How can one live life to the fullest?

A weird and somewhat morbid thought occurs to me from time to time. When I am on a plane and the turbulence hits, when a car veers out into traffic, when I hear about someone I know who died suddenly: I don't get scared. I just think, "If this is it, alright."

This is a wonderful place to be.

So while it might seem morbid to say that I'd be happy going at any moment, it's actually a wonderful way to live. It's something I feel quite lucky to be able to say. And yet, I also know that it wasn't a result of luck, but of a certain philosophical way of thinking and, of course, a lot of hard decisions.

Here are 40 things that I believe helped me reach this point where I can say, "I've lived a full life."

1. Do Ridiculous Things

There's no story behind how my wife and I came to own a goat except that we asked ourselves: Why not? So we got a goat and had Smitty's BBQ on the way home and called it a day.

Drugs, parties, women, a lot of booze and a lot of Rock n' roll.....

This was how I discovered how NOT to live life to the fullest.

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