How can people be happy without phones?

Actually its not about with or without; happiness is a state of being that seeks its completeness in all that we are being.

So if we tend to attribute the phones being or not being there is irrelevant -since in that way, we will then target something else, till we reach the point of nothingness?

Then, perhaps due to our egoistic inclination and ambiguous perspective question the essence of nothingness?

Its essential that we clarify our perception of the authenticity of our definition of happiness first of all since when we put? its instill aspects light/right into/in true/in through their proper perspectives, there's sow very much more about our life's integratedness of its oneness of being that will make us realize the totality of unifying ourselves with the disciplined observance of our pure awareness's dimensionali-ties, which each have one message of its own-namely-that we need to experience our true nature; for its not through things that we are distanced from our very ownselves, but the perception that we behold of it all along.

This could keep going and growing on but at each segment it would firmly seek that we own up and not disown up; to take greater responsibility in our lives and focus on straightening things well within insight ourselves rather than constantly looking all around for that which we barely know how to define it self.

Our perception defines us; so as we get true know ourselves better as life does/thus; then we will be able to better re orient and re channelize each and every element in its entirety through-ought our being - as it was/as we were/wear meant "true be".

Happiness is in no way associated with your phones. It's illogical.

Here is what makes me happy:-

  • Crafting and painting, it keeps me occupied creatively.
  • Reading and writing. I love reading other people's word and finding a connection with them, falling for what they describe and the realism which they show in their content whether it's online or a book.
  • I am a makeup artist, I do it for passion. Experimenting new looks makeup, makeover, hairstyling and making someone else's occasion special is what makes me happy.
  • Cooking, happiness for me is having a get together with some of the close friends and serving home cooked meal.
  • Long drive with my husband or just have a chat under the stars is what makes me happy.
  • I am a cleanliness and home decor freak. I plan budget for everything that I bring in my house that adds on to it aesthetically. I keep it simple yet it has a touch of creativity.

So you see, nowhere phone is involved. If I can do that, you can do it too.

Life is better when your phone is switched off. Try it yourself!

Today phones suck your time. People spend so much time on places like facebook but they ignore the people around them. Put the phone away for a few days and you will be surprised how much time you have to do other things.

Also, if you put the phone away you may find talking face to face with people is much more rewarding.

We forget the phone is a tool. You use a tool when you find it convenient, but you don't let the tool own you. Every phone call doesn't have to be answered. Every email doesn't require a response.

I feel if the call or email is important they will contact me again, but I never allow a phone to control my time or interrupt my life unless it is convenient.

People develop an addiction to their phones and the best way to break the habit is by limiting it's use. For instance using only a home line telephone rather than a smartphone, it's old-school but without that dependnacy on the electronic in your pocket you naturally will be more invested in life around you, and ultimately happier.

We all are just addicted to our phones.Happiness doesn't demand fr this.You can just limit the use of phones. Do things such as:

  • Read books (whatever you like)
  • Do something you want to change.
  • Look after the things around you. (The right one and the wrong one)

There are many more things to do, just keep your phone aside fr sometime in a day. :)

If you could travel back in a time machine, or went to one of the ever fewer places on the planet that doesn't have phones, you'd have the answer to your question. We did just fine without them for a long time.

I think I'd ask, "How can people be happy with phones?" because just having them isn't enough, and is sometimes obstructive.

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