How can playdough help a child's development?

How can playdough help a child's development?

I second Tony Flury's answer.

It also helps with learning color differentiation, gaining an intuitive understanding of how colors complement each other, and learning to mix them to form new colors.

Also, it just plain old FUN. It helps with learning how to have fun, be present in the moment with the feeling of the stuff between the fingers, and letting the mind wander from more focused academically-oriented attention. Here is a great article about the Importance of Play in Early Childhood

Playdough encourages a number of aspects of development :

  • Creativity; being a very pliable medium the options for creating new things is literally limitless.
  • Fine motor control; manipulating playdough encourages the development if fine movements
  • Planning; If the child approaches a play session with a final goal in mind, they will need to plan how they create the final product maybe from multiple components.

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