How can research experience be best used to get an internship?

It sounds correct. However, most students get their research experience through internships (Summer Jobs).

If you are able to do some real research with a professor led group at college while a sophomore, it should make getting an internship that following Summer easy. However, if you are that good, you would merely continue to work with the Professor's research group that following Summer, correct?

Undergrad Research is valued everywhere. It shows your enthusiasm toward achieving an indefinite goal, on which you are investing your time to learn, and apply many concepts.

So if, I have to offer an internship and see a research experience for the same field. I have then no reason to reject you!

As a teacher, have you been using online learning solutions in the classroom? What's the experience?

Modern day students enjoy it. Its a more about the students freedom to chose their time their place. Using online has made me to believe that mathematical, numerical and reasoning contents are more easy to be delivered online. But , onus of quality as usual lies with teachers.My experience has been good so far.

Are there any ways guys can use tampons?

A bullet wound could be plugged.Numerous soldiers have told us that yes, tampons are indeed carried in med kits and are used on bullet wounds in the field. Medics with years of combat experience say they consider tampons excellent for penetration trauma

What are some recipes and cooking tips for cooking cockroaches?

Ingredients:4 or 5 cockroaches (recently frozen)1 onion1 red pepper1 green pepper1 tbs salt1 tbs corn starch4 tbs cooking oil2 cups riceMethod:1. Remove and discard the solid wing covering flaps and all legs of the cockroach.2. Put the whole cockroaches into a pot of boiling oil and quickly fry