How can someone be happy when life is being extremely tough?

The human being is reluctant to miseries and enjoys the happy situation. The human being can be compared to an ignorant child, who enjoys the sweets only and is reluctant to chillies. Hence, such a human being is ignorant. The grown up adult enjoys both sweets and chillies in the meals. Similarly, a realized soul enjoys both happy situation and miseries in the life. Therefore, it is only ignorance, which is the inability of art of enjoyment. God created this world with happiness and misery. People enjoy the cinema, which contains both pleasant scenes and tragic scenes.

Similarly, people enjoy both sweet dishes and hot dishes in the meals. People enjoy the day and night. People enjoy the hot summer and the cold winter. The whole life and creation is full of alternating happiness and misery. If a person can enjoy both happy times and miseries in the life, he is equal to God. You may say that God enjoys the creation from outside. God also enters the creation in the form of human incarnation and enjoys both pleasant times and miseries in the life span. We see this truth in the life history of Rama and Krishna. Therefore, if you always crave for happiness only and reject miseries, it is unnatural and also ignorance of a child. The knowledge of the Gita preaches that you should enjoy even a top most misery, which is the time of death.

If you enjoy both miseries and happy situations, you are in a continuous state of enjoyment. You think that continuous enjoyment comes only through continuous times of happiness in the life. It is not correct. You get bored if you are served only with sweet dishes in the meals. Boring is misery. Therefore, misery is inevitable like summer after winter and winter after summer. The Indians denote happiness through cooling. The foreigners represent happiness through warming, which is heat. Therefore, the happiness to one is misery to the other. What is the reason? The foreigner is mainly exposed to winter, which bores him. Therefore, for a foreigner, the heat is happiness.

The Indian is mainly exposed to summer and therefore, cool atmosphere is happiness to him. This is a practical proof that the enjoyment is not confined to happy scene or tragic scene only. This also proves that you can enjoy both happiness and misery. Therefore, it is ignorance to ask God for removal of misery and sanction of continuous happiness. Happiness should lie in the process of enjoyment. Whether it is misery or happiness, you will find real happiness in the process of enjoyment of both.

The happiness neither lies in the sweet dish nor in the hot dish. The happiness lies in the process of eating the dish, which may be hot or sweet. If this secret of life is known, you will never pray God for removal of problems and tensions. You will enjoy the problems and tensions and hence, there is nothing to pray God for something. Your prayer to God must be due to your attraction to Him for His excellent personality.

Your praise of God must be based on your love for His divine personality. But, today we find most of the people praying God for sanction of continuous sweet dishes. Therefore, the desire for something gets smashed if you know the secret of this concept. Hence, there is no meaning in wishing somebody for a happy new year because continuous happiness bores and leads to misery only. The aspiration for continuous happiness through out the year is based on foolishness and ignorance.

On the New Year, you must pray God thinking His divine personality and get attracted for His divine quality. You must at least achieve one of His basic qualities, which is enjoying both happy scenes and tragic scenes in the creation. On the Telugu New Year day, people generally take sweets and sour items mixed as offering of God (Prasadam), which shows the same concept of enjoyment of both happy and tragic movements in the life.

This is the divine knowledge in nutshell present in all the divine scriptures of all religions. This is essence of the Gita preached by Lord Krishna. He enjoyed continuously in His life and even in the last situation, when He was shot dead by a hunter. This is essence to be learnt and practiced by every human being in this world.

By realizing that we can be happy for the smallest reason as we can be sad over anything.

I know this sounds weird, it's like our house is burnt to ashes, we lose our job, our family is leaving us, but why can't we feel happy about having our hands and feet all intact.

And when we don't have intact hands and feet, we can be happy about not having to feel constant pain from illness or wounds.

Or no reason to think at all, but it feels good to curve the lips despite all the pains. 'Cause human is a very supreme being that can convince themselves of what they want to believe, if they have a very good control of their mind.

How can someone be happy when life is being extremely tough?

Happiness is an inside job. It can be attained if we know where to look. This site might inspire you.

Every tough situation is godsend to evolve you to a higher level.

Respond with action first approach to ameliorate the conditions. Post that accept what can not be changed by adjusting your expectations.

Act or Accept.

You can read more in my book of the same name to be free from unhappiness, pain and sorrow.

Whem you focus on the good things rather than the bad things. When you are grateful even in the small things like the air you breath, your eyes that see everything, your surroundings... Everything. Because the more you see the bad the more you will feel depressed and tend to overthink things. Life is as simple as breathing the air. :)

Happiness is a state of mind, can not be bought!

So if you are content with what you have, then you are happy! what I mean, living in a home made or wood, metal or gold, if that does not make a difference to you, then you are content, the way to look at it is: it will stop the rain from falling on your head, but if say, it is made of wood, then you are not content and are not happy!

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