How can someone who has passed away send messages?

There are many ways...

Some ways may be through numbers.. For instance, seeing a repeated number on the clock; 1:11 , 5:55 11:11, etc.. or repeatedly seeing their birthdate on the clock everyday.. Seeing faint lights of their favorite color.. You can possibly hear a whispering, or feel heat or coolness around you.. When I've done an angel meditation, which I'll provide at the bottom the meditation I use, I felt kind of... "Wet" tingling sensations on my legs and hands.. That is what is known as an angel's touch.. having a wet, tingly sensation overcome your skin.. You may feel something embrace you.. You may see imprints in a seat when no one visibly is sitting there.. Do not worry of these things being hallucinatory. If you are in the present and not away from reality, you can be certain it is not a hallucination. You'll typically get signs too, that cannot be hallucinatory, for instance, the repeated numbers.. Or you'll see your loved ones name repeatedly come up on posts you read, or in the news, etc.. You are experiencing paranormal events, which most psychologists overlook, but it is valid. I can PROMISE you that much.

Though not a professional, as a spiritual guru, you always can message me if you start experiencing these things and feel fear and/or any uncertainty... (If you are a believer in astrology and will base your talking to me based upon astrological compatibility, which a lot more people do than realized by most, I am cancer-dominant, a taurus-gemini sun, a cancer moon and a cancer venus which the cancer moon and venus are conjuncted and they're aspected to most my chart, including my sun.. That is all you would need to know of me.. All you really need to know is that I am governed by cancer.)

When I was 15, my grandmother had passed away and I attempted suicide.. Whilst in a group a social worker had facilitated, when it was my turn to speak I broke down in tears over my grandma, and literally, a second after I had been done speaking, the blind's flew open.. it even prompted the social worker, Debbie, to say, "Looks like gramma heard you!" No one had been near the blinds and she had closed them as to not have other kids be distracted from looking outside the window..

here is the Angel meditation I use at times: (it's a series and they go in order)

Thanks for the A2A

The folks who have answered are basically saying that there are spiritual answers to your question. I, too, believe that there were times in my childhood that I was looked after by something other than my parents.

My parents and others that I have lost through the years have never actually "communicated" with me. I have always thought of others, wishing they were with me during an important occurrence in my life (such as missing my mother, who had passed before my first grandchild was born). I was sad that she couldn't hear my grandson's first cry like I got to. I know that if she had been there, she would have felt that same joy that I did. Knowing how she would have felt was enough of a communication for me.

I don't know what is at the end of the road of life on Earth, or if there really is a hereafter, I just know that I hope there is, and that the people I've lost had a better place to go. If they did, I don't know if they would be able to return or not. For those who believe that they do, fantastic, and I hope it is true.

For me, the communication is actually my memory of them.

Frequency adjustment. They have to adjust their frequency to "communicate" with us, and we have to alter ours to be able to "hear" or communicate with them. Take a dream - while you're asleep it's easier for them to communicate with you, because all of the distractions are not present. It's hard to communicate by voice - because of course, there is no voice, there is air moving and sound waves and those waves are transferred to signals that cause the brain to "hear." It's easier for them to show us a photo, or give us a visual. Some are able to express words, or get our minds to remember sounds, the sound of their voice for example. But it requires both sides to adjust their frequency in order to understand what is being shown, or expressed.

They CAN'T. ONLY DEMONS interact with living human beings. All human souls are TAKEN by angelic beings not too long after their physical deaths to await judgment by God.

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