How can someone who hates sports be healthy?

As Daria has said, it's worth trying out as many things as possible, and also figuring out exactly what it is about sports that you hate. 

I have some experience of this.  I hated sports and all forms of physical education at school - largely because I was really bad at them.  But now, having just turned 50, I'm reputed to be (not my own words) the fittest woman in my neighbourhood. Why?  Well, I found out I like slow, strength-based exercise in the gym (and lifting weights with the lads does have the added benefit that I get to look at the lads).  And then I got this thing about capoeira, which has become something more than an obsession.

I'm not saying that my preferences will necessarily work for you (although we do have in common a love of walking).  People vary.  All I am saying is that if you 'hate sports' this may just be because you haven't yet tried a sport or form of exercise that suits you.  The whole winner/loser ethos of most sports is a really big problem if you are not a winner - so look for things that are less competitive.  For example, swimming and dancing are very popular forms of non-competitive exercise, although if you don't like these there are other more esoteric examples.

As others have said, walking is very good in itself.  A few short resistance exercises, eg sit-ups or press-ups each morning, will definitely benefit your health as well.  But the real key is to look for something that you can enjoy.
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