How can teachers teach students how to know themselves?

Knowing ‘SELF' is the essence of knowledge and education is the stepping stone of getting that knowledge.

I make analogies to make my students ‘SEE THE INVISIBLE'.

We humans are basically Manimals. I am sorry for using the word manimals as there is no word existing at the moment to make my audience understand what exactly am I trying to make them understand.

There are four things common between humans and animals i.e. eating, shitting, sleeping and reproducing. The only thing which makes humans different from animals is thinking and the knowledge is the outcome of Imagination (thinking).

So, in order to seek that knowledge spread all around us, we have no choice, but to think.

The key to open your eyes is 'THINKING'.............~Sajjad Hussain

Since I started writing blogs, I kept surmising, why until now, I never thought about the things happening around me, as I am now thinking.

The answer is quite simple; before, I was living for the sake of living; now, I am living with a purpose in my life. So, if you want to understand the purpose of your life, start THINKING, and you will be shocked to see the symbols around, leading you to the very purpose of your life. Finding the meaning of life is, to give life a meaning, and a meaningful life, is hidden inside knowledge, which is available for free all around us, the only thing required on our part is, to open up our eyes, and see for ourselves.

The other day I was sitting idle in my room, enjoying my vacations at home, after a hectic semester at the university. Usually, in our pensive mood, we close our eyes to go into the past, I did the same, to recall my interaction with my students.

Though it was 11 am in the morning and there was a bright sun shining in the sky and there was ample light in the room, but when I closed my eyes, it was complete darkness.

I am wondering to know what is unusual about it. Nothing as such, because it is obvious that when we close our eyes we are bound to see darkness, as retina behind our eyes is not being hit by the cones of photo-receptors getting the light.

There is a number of free online platforms that can help students (say, for middle and high school students) understand concepts on their own. The best one - that I know of - is Khan Academy (please google it - putting the link here is producing some weird images) that has thousands of short videos (7–10 mins long) that explains concepts in an interesting and easy way.

After setting up an account here, students can choose which topics they want to hear a lecture on. Recently, the website has made a lot of improvements in putting in interactive stuff - such as taking exams and quizzes, as well.


Knowing one self takes honest examination of oneself. There are many ancient writing that extol self-examination. Apostle Paul mentioned this in Galatians 6:4 According to Socrates "The unexamined life is not worth living."

But there is a problem with knowing oneself. The more one does this, the greater the tendency towards depression. The more you see your own faults the more you see that you cannot believe in yourself. You must believe in someone greater than you. Therefore the question arises - Do you really want to teach students to know themselves? Because once you do that you must teach them what to believe that is beyond themselves.

I think having a journal is an excellent way for students reflect and get to know themselves better.

They can see the evolution of their self over time.

Teachers can also have regular lunch chats with their students so that in the process a strong relationship is forged and the teacher can help the students think about their life and choices.

Also, having students explain their thinking and choices will also help the students grow in self-awareness.

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