How can we best promote earth to attract alien tourists?

There is one thing to keep in mind: we already have promoted Earth to attract alien attention.

NASA has done this on their Voyager Spacecrafts. They were sent with a record that provides little details about earth.

Thanks for the A2A, Joseph.

I'm with Stephen Hawking on this one. Till we know the aliens' intentions, why would we want to advertise? Think of the invasions we earthlings have launched. Did the Europeans reaching the new world come for a short frolic in the surf, a bit of fishing, and then a fond farewell to the Americas? No, they came to enslave or kill the natives and take all their stuff and their land. Think of the plethora of alien invasion movies. In them, some fantastic deus ex machina saves the day just before the closing credits roll. Do we want to count on rain being poisonous to the aliens as it was to the invaders in War of the Worlds? Rain isn't likely to save us from aliens who came here because we're in the Goldilocks zone where liquid water can exist. Let's keep the welcome signs in storage, and scope out the aliens to learn their intentions. Let's make 1st contact there, not here.

Attracting aliens to Earth might be an invitation to extermination.

If they can travel to Earth, then they will be more advanced than us. And no ET will spend so much time and resources just to tell us Hello!!

It'd be pretty much like what happened when Columbus landed on foreign soil.

WAR!! And we'll lose that war!!

Still if you want, then you can send open radio messages in space. Thats the least costly and most effective way.
A big neon sign sat on the moon pointing out to space saying, "Free human slaves! Take as many as you want!!"
Why do some people not believe in extraterrestrial life?

We can believe they might exist.We can believe they might not existBut we cannot believe that they do exist.The simple reason behind that is though we have found planetary conditions that might be able to harbor life, no such life was found;dr There is no evidence of existence of alien life, not even remnants.

How Long Between Charges For The Tesla Model S?

It's not how long, it's how FAR. Range in miles.Since Teslas vary in battery size, you can get a rough range estimate by multiplying the battery size in KWH by 4. So an S P100 has a range of about 400 miles.Range depends on many factors: climbing hills, speed, load, trailer towing.