How can we feel happy biologically?

Biologically happiness means equilibrium, homeostasis. Which means a perfect, mutually complementing cooperation of the comprising elements of a closed, living, natural system.

If we want to simulate this "biological happiness", homeostasis within a human environment, we would need to build such mutual relationships expressed through a state of "mutual guarantee".

Mutual guarantee is the selfless, altruistic, unconditional, mutual service in between people of a "closed" human environment, when all calculations are made for the optimal well-being of the collective above personal calculations.

Though mutual guarantee we can be both biologically and "humanly" happy.

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How is JioFi better than a broadband internet?

If you want to compare it with internet speeds then wired broadband connection is the best.We already have smartphones with data connectivity why should you take JioFi.It was good initially when you were using your old 3G phone and did not wanted to invest in 4G phone immediately.Not at present.

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If you use memory card then remove your memory card from your mobile then see what happen some time memory card short (fuse) then this kind of problem comes so first you remove memory card from your mobile. and notice any change if no change then your mobile's power ic is damage.