How to get abs in 8 weeks

It really depends on a few factors and you may or may not get abs in 8 weeks. You need to first assess your current body fat level because to have visible abs you need to have two things, strong ab lines and low body fat.

Low Body Fat: do you know your current body fat level? Do you think after you lose 8 pounds of body fat you will be at a low enough body fat to reveal your ab muscles? On average a male need to be below 12% bf and a female need to be below 18% bf to start to have defined abs. If your body fat is too high, then you won't be able to see your abs in 8 weeks. 8 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks is probably the maximum amount of body fat you can safely lose each week without sabotaging your metabolism and your muscle mass. To lose body fat you must be eating at a calorie deficit each day regardless the types of food you eat. Of course veggies/fruits/lean protein are going to help you take in more volume with less calories and feel more full as well. To learn more about fat loss using proper calorie deficit and simple ways to cut down on calories without feeling hungry:

How to stretch out tight shoes

Here are a few tips and tricks, which I've read about. Some of them I've tried.There are a few things to consider though. Tight shoes can only be stretched as much, I don't think you'll be able to stretch a shoe 1 full size up. The maximum you will probably be able to achieve would

I am a skinny ectomorph. Does it really matter, what kind of foods I eat, as long as I get a surplus of calories for my workout, to gain muscle mass?

First of all drop the ectomorph part. It only means that you are skinny right now. As soon as you get some weight you will call yourself with another name, which is not how it should work, right?Generally caloric surplus will make you heavier, no matter what will you eat. But chosen

Will I be able to lose 15 kgs in approximately 3 months? Currently I'm 88 kgs?

Yes , you can achieve 15 kg lose but do it on but sensible pace because very rapid loss has negative effects . You can achieve the loss by diet , exercise and with the help of Herbs. So include healthy option to lose weight . You need to focus on calorie deficits i.e 500–1000