How to increase productivity within the same 7.5 hours of work

Identify and understand the tasks you're working on during your 7.5 hours.

Identify tasks that aren't giving you the value desired and quit/reduce/outsource those.

Identify tasks where you're wasting time or things that are taking longer than expected. Look at those systems/processes and figure out where you have waste and do something to fix it.

Understand the processes that you do and work on making them more efficient.


Why are six pack abs unhealthy?

Not 6, but I managed to get my 4 to show up. But I faced some problems which I hope almost everyone faces.Cutting to make your abs visible is difficult. You have to very precise about your diet and exercise.You always feel guilty if you don't follow your specific routine.You calculate almost everything you eat, which makes you a

Are there any dangerous parts of Tokyo that should be avoided?

Avoid Kabuki-cho. It's across the street behind Shinjuku. You might get a Nigerian door man ask you into a botakkuri bar(high-way robbery bar, first drink is free, 2nd is 20,000 yen. ) or an overy friend ladymight ask you you want a massage those late night

What is the fastest way to tone your body and build muscle?

You can't build your muscles overnight, but you can do some things in order to speed up the muscle building process.Some of the best tips are:Lift heavier weightsDon't exaggerate with cardioRestSleep wellGet rid of stressEat smartReference:How to Build Muscle Faster: 10 Important Tips