How to know for sure that your husband loves you and isn't just using you to benefit from what you do for him daily? (from food, to cleaning, to sex, to boost his motivation, you get the idea

You must watch the expression on his face when you two meet up at the end of the work day. Is he like really happy to see you or does he just ask you questions about what you did and if this is done, and that is done, etc. Husbands who love their wives are really happy to see them after several hours of not seeing them. They also like to talk to their wives, touch them, hug them, kiss them and do things for them. They want her to be happy and will not interfere too much in her decisions about the home. They will also go out of their way to get her whatever she wants.

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Which Muslim nation has the lowest birth rate?

Reliable statistics on birth rates are hard to come by but the Wikipedia article at List of sovereign states and dependent territories by birth rate lists three different sources. It appears that the country with the lowest birth rate is either Qatar (~10 births/1000 population per year) or United Arab Emirates (~10 births/1000 population per year).

Does the plank workout burn fat?

The negative news is that the plank posture is one of the additionally difficult activities you can add to your exercise regimen, however on the in addition to side, you'll consume calories while playing out this dubious exercise. Planks are perfect to add to any exercise, regardless of whether you remain fit