How to predict accurately in Olymp Trade

In order to predict accurately and to find actions or events which is capable of causing changes in the market, traders should learn to "read" information received from outside sources.

To predict the volatility of the market, you should study two types of analysis: forex technical analysis and forex basic analysis.

For basic analysis, in the Olymp trade platform, there is an education section where you can see the important events that will take place on that day. Events marked with 3 bulls are news that you should focus on to get more accurate predictions.

For Forex Technical Analysis, it is best for traders to do it easily and logically. Although it's not exactly 100%, but it still helps a lot in trading. The dizzying chart with different types of colorful indicators should be avoided as it can make it difficult to make a decision.

Indicators can be used as a tool for Forex trading. Many people are fooled by the indicator because they rely too much on it. Indicator is lagging because it requires a market price to calculate. Usually the calculated data is taken from open, close, high or low candlestick.

Indicator has its own usefulness and there are weaknesses as well. Some are just in line with market trends, some are just as good as market ranging. Each indicator has its own setting that can be changed. But the original setting was sufficient for trading.

Whatever it is, remember that no one can foresee or predict accurately in Olymp Trade including the indicator or by using the economic news.

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