How to really miss someone, who you feel in love with, when you have not yet met in person

In the old days...people had "pen pals". People wrote letters back and forth getting to know eachother...and yet fell in love...never meeting. We fall in love with people emotionally when we text back and forth with them online...without meeting.

Inmates in jail fall in love with people by writing and calling someone...that they have never met.

Do you see the pattern now? A lot of people don't understand...that it CAN and DOES more ways that one. Hope I was able to answer your question.

What happens to the muscles if you don't eat protein after weight lifting?

First of all, let me say that when you ask a question, it is important to get your answer from the literature and the evidence that is already out there regarding a subject. There are a bunch of answers that encouraging someone to consume protein post resistance training is simply a marketing ploy; but

What are the skills required to do ethical hacking?

Hacking is an art of exploiting:Get creative. This is the most important.Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or networks to exploit its weaknesses to gain , the basic knowledge you need for hacking is good knowledge on that systems (computer system,networks,websites,etc..). How it works, how they communicate, how they

Do girls like such guys?

I am an Indian Male too... I am 5'4" too....I also have quite good academic qualifications. I work in a very good MNC. I am good in poetry, acting , writing etc. I am average looking...guy with a big forehead and genetically with less hairs.I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, AND I DONT FEEL LONELY. GIRLS LIKE GUYS LIKE