How to take anabolic steroids safely

Some will say to ‘cycle' and to take ‘PCT' at the end of the cycle. This is one approach. I prefer taking 7-keto DHEA, clomiphene citrate and nolvadex during the cycle and going non stop. Watch for alkaline phosphatase (liver) specifically. The other liver tests are worthless.

I also feel that taking around 500 mg of testosterone a week doesn't do much as compared to taking 7-keto + clomid + nolvadex. Taken alone, such an amount of testosterone will give you side effects without the benefits as compared to taking the above 3 products. Simply not worth it.

Some anabolic steroids are very hard on the immune system. Anadrol is a classic example of this. If your liver can tolerate it, about 50% of guys, then most will get nasty infections on it. To prevent this:

  1. glutamine: at least 5 g/day but just put 20 grams in a bottle at the beginning of the day and sip throughout.
  2. zinc: at ton of it. It is one of the rare minerals whose optimum level can be tasted. You could follow the scientific approach and prepare a zinc sulfate solution. However, just crunching on a cap works: if it tastes just chalky then increase the amount; if it tastes nasty then lower the amount. In my case, I needed to go to 300 mg Zn/day when I went on products such as Anadrol.
  3. EFAs: for me, taking a liberal quantity of linseed oil in oatmeal or a crushed banana did the trick.

Liver. I would say do not use anabolic steroids that affect your liver. If you acted dumb and it doesn't recover by it self some have used Liv-51 with success. Avoid any alcohol or anything else, even food colorant, while taking anabolic steroids.

Heart. Taking amphetamines or cocaine while on steroids is suicidal. You'll die. Some take caffeine, ephedrine, etc and seem to get away with it. First, you do not need to do that. Second, I recommend against it. It will raise BP and HR which already have a tendency to be high while on anabolic steroids. To reduce blood vs blood vessels friction, you'll want to take 81 mg and a couple of caps of Omega-3s per day. Use a finger pricking device for diabetics. Adjust the dept to get an adequate drop of blood. Make sure you do have to go deeper while on anabolic steroids. With just Aspirin and Omega-3s you should be able to go down. The friction on blood vessels is increased because of :

  • increased metabolic rate which raises BP and HR
  • increased hematocrit which increases blood viscosity

Skin acne. Pretty much unavoidable. Most will get blood filled pimples especially on the back. Consider using:

  • apply a 5% benzoil peroxyde ‘soap' after you shower and leave it to dry on your back and other problem areas.
  • apply a 3% estradiol cream to problem areas. This will prevent problematic acne in almost all cases. 0.3% might also be enough.

Aggressiveness. Some take an SSRI such as Prozac or similar. There is a good chance that this help but not be enough. If you have a tendency to get into trouble then avoid anabolic steroids, switch kinds or take other type of products such as peptides, SARMs, etc.

Hope this contributes positively to the discussions.

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